Will the $7500 Tax Credit Work on a Leased Tesla? Discover the Truth [2024] 🤔

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So, you’ve been eyeing that sleek Tesla Model 3 or perhaps a Model Y, and you’re wondering, will the $7500 tax credit work on a lease? 🚗✨ Here at Car Leases™, we’ve broken down this complex topic in a way that’s both informative and engaging. Buckle up as we navigate through the ins and outs of leasing a Tesla with the federal tax credit, dropping personal insights and industry secrets on the way.

Table of Contents

  1. Quick Answer
  2. Quick Tips and Facts
  3. The History of EV Tax Credits and Tesla
  4. How Does the $7500 Tax Credit Work on a Lease?
  5. What Tesla Models Qualify for the Tax Credit?
  6. Breaking Down the Pros and Cons ✅❌
  7. Quick Tips to Maximize the Tax Credit
  8. Things to Look Out For 🕵️‍♂️
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Quick Answer

✅ The short answer: The $7500 tax credit doesn’t straightforwardly apply to leased Teslas in a way you’ll explicitly see on your lease documents. It’s the leasing company that claims the tax credit, but they might (or might not) pass those savings on to you. More on that nuanced dance below.

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Quick Tips and Facts

  • Fact: Typically, federal tax credits are directly applicable to those who purchase, not lease, EVs.
  • Tip: Check with your leasing company to see if they pass on any tax credit savings.
  • Fact: As of now, Tesla doesn’t pass on the tax credit directly through their leases.
  • Tip: Look into third-party leasing companies, which might have different policies.

The History of EV Tax Credits and Tesla 🕰️

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Electric Vehicle (EV) incentives started as a way to encourage the adoption of environmentally-friendly vehicles. Since Tesla’s inception in 2003, it has been a major beneficiary of these incentives, propelling it to become a household name.

The Foundation 🚀

Federal tax credits were instituted to reduce the cost gap between EVs and traditional cars. Prospective Tesla owners were thrilled, enjoying the substantial tax credit. However, leasing introduces a twist, which our seasoned team fully deciphers.

Shifts in Policy

Since the dawn of these incentives, changes in policy and the increasing popularity of Tesla models have sparked heated debates and varying implementations of how leasing companies handle these credits.

How Does the $7500 Tax Credit Work on a Lease? 🤷

Video: Tesla Adds $7,500 Lease Clarification.

The Leasing Company’s Role

When you lease an EV, it’s technically owned by the leasing company, not you. So, it’s the leasing company that claims the federal tax credit. Here’s where it gets tricky: not all leasing companies pass those savings on to you, the lessee.

  • Some Leasing Companies: They factor the tax credit into the lease terms, potentially lowering your monthly payments. However, Tesla’s policy, as of the most recent updates, does not typically pass these savings on.

  • Others: May keep the credit, seeing it as part of their margin. Be careful and always ask about this point explicitly before you sign any lease agreement.

What Tesla Models Qualify for the Tax Credit? 🏆

Video: EV Tax Credits: Everything You Need to Know for 2024 | Eligibility, Incentive Amount & More.

Current eligible models for the federal tax credit under Tesla’s lineup include:

  • Model 3
  • Model Y
  • Model S
  • Model X

Model-Specific Insights 🚗

Tesla Model 3

  • Compact and highly efficient.
  • Perfect for city drives but also capable for longer distances.

Tesla Model Y

  • Excellent for those needing more space.
  • Features superior tech integrations and more refined finishes.

Tesla Model S

  • Luxury sedan with an unbeatable performance.
  • Ideal for those who value speed and luxury.

Tesla Model X

  • Family-friendly with ridiculous acceleration.
  • Exceptional cargo space and cutting-edge features.

Breaking Down the Pros and Cons ✅❌


  • Lower Monthly Payments: If your leasing company passes on the tax credit, you might see a reduction in your monthly lease payments.
  • Flexibility: Ideal for people who like upgrading to the latest models every few years.
  • Maintenance: Leases usually come with bundled maintenance, saving on service costs.


  • Ownership: You don’t own the car, hence no direct tax credit.
  • Mileage Limits: Potential extra costs if you exceed the mileage limits.
  • Limited Customization: Lease agreements might restrict modifications to your vehicle.

Quick Tips to Maximize the Tax Credit ✨

Video: Tesla $7,500 Tax Credit Explained | How it Works.

  • Negotiate: Some leasing companies may be flexible. Don’t be shy about negotiating for a lower monthly payment that reflects the tax credit.
  • Compare Leasing Companies: Not all companies handle the tax credit the same way. Do your research or head on to our Electric Vehicle Leases section for more insights.
  • Read the Fine Print: Be sure to thoroughly review your leasing contract for any mentions of the tax credit.

Things to Look Out For 🕵️‍♂️

Video: Few electric vehicles still qualify for $7,500 tax credit.

Residual Value:

The higher the residual value of the car (its expected market value at the end of the lease), the lower your monthly lease payments typically are.

Leasing Terms:

Be cautious of terms that might limit your tax credit benefit. These include higher APRs or leasing fees that offset the tax credit’s impact.


Evaluate your driving habits and ensure the lease mileage allowance (usually 10,000-15,000 miles per year) aligns with your needs. Excess mileage can be quite costly!


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Does the Tesla tax credit apply to leases?

No, the tax credit doesn’t straightforwardly apply to vehicle leases. The leasing company claims the credit.

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How do I claim a $7500 EV tax credit lease?

You don’t. However, you should ask your leasing company if they pass on the savings by reducing the monthly payments.

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Which Tesla qualifies for $7500 tax credit?

Eligible models include the Tesla Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X. Always verify current eligibility criteria as they can change.

Does Tesla run credit for a lease?

Yes, Tesla will run a credit check as part of their leasing process. For more on leasing with less than stellar credit, check out our article on Can I Get a Tesla with a 650 Credit Score?

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Alright, you’ve made it to the end! So, does the $7500 tax credit work on a lease Tesla? Not straightforwardly, but with careful selection of the leasing company, you might indirectly benefit. Remember: always double-check and negotiate!

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Make sure to stay tuned for more insights from us here at Car Leases™. We’re here to ensure your leasing journey is smooth, informed, and… filled with quirky car metaphors! 🚗💨

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