How to negotiate the best car lease?

Negotiating a car lease can be tough! Here are our top tips for negotiation:

Never Pay Anything Down

Zero down car leases are always more beneficial to the buyer. The more of your money you can keep in your pocket out of the door means your budget will be free for other things.


You should spend about 80% off your car leasing time dedicated towards research!

Research the Cars

Take a look at all of the car brands out there and find what you like best. Cars with higher residual value will cost you less to lease.

Research The Lease Deals

Take a look at all the car leases and compare the national car lease specials with your local dealer lease specials.

Research the deals other buyers got

You can find out what deals other people got on their leases by checking forums like Edmunds Forums and forum.

Get Quotes Online

Email multiple dealers and get quotes. Your time will be more efficient if you can get them over email, rather than going in person.

Make them Compete

Show the lowest offer you get to another dealer and see if they can beat it. They often will!

If you want a quick overview of the process, check out this video:

If you want a more in depth video, watch here:

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